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LILA AGUILAR Birth & Postpartum Doula,
Perinatal Mental Health Advocate

"We are forever thankful for the love, knowledge and support Lila provided my family. As new parents, she helped guide us on countless topics from nursing, feeding, c-section recovery, returning to work, etc. There was never any judgment on decisions we were making as parents and she helped us come to conclusions that worked best for our family. She was just as much a caretaker for our newborn son as she was for me, a first time mom. I looked forward everyday to seeing her walk in the door, not just for some much needed rest but for the friendship during a time that can be isolating. I can't speak more highly of Lila and what she provided us."  - Katie A. + Carlos H.

Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate
Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate

"Lila was my lifesaver in my new life as a mom. I'm typically someone who wants and needs to do things for myself but with no close family support a friend suggested Lila. She wasn't just my guide into motherhood but my friend who felt like a big sister to help me with caring for myself and the baby. She answered my never ending questions and was available whenever I needed a quick answer or supportive comment. Our baby loves her and I can't imagine a better person to share this process with."  – Emily + Jan

"Lila was a godsend! We hired Lila for some postpartum support after my son, Mateo, was born in September. We don't have any family close and I run my own business from home, so having some support transitioning back into life when my husband went back to work was crucial. Lila was incredible! From day one, she connected with Mateo and showed him so much love and affection. She supported me through some breastfeeding struggles, showed us how to cope with Mateo's gassiness, and made sure I was taking care of myself. I so looked forward to her visits with us, as she became more of a friend to me and I knew that my son was well taken care of while she was here. I was able to nap, shower, eat (amazing, right), and occasionally get some work done. She truly made a huge imprint on our hearts, especially Mateo's, and we will be forever grateful for her! Any new mom would be so lucky to have Lila during that fourth trimester!"  - Kellyne + Jose M.

Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate
Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate

"I cannot recommend Lila highly enough.  My husband and I were encouraged, relieved and uplifted by her care following the birth of our first child. We were unsure originally if we wanted/needed any postpartum doula support and now I'm not sure what we would have done without her!  Her support was deeply nurturing.  On a practical level, her assistance lifted a huge burden - preparing meals, doing the laundry and other housework that as a new mom I just couldn't get to.  This allowed us a bit of precious time to shower, nap, spend time as a couple or focus on our baby without the pressure of housework.  And her knowledge of infant care was reassuring to us as new parents, especially as we dealt with breastfeeding challenges and our daughter's allergy.  Her suggestions were always non-judgmental and rooted in knowledge and experience; she was always happy to research something further for us.  I particularly appreciated how she drew from both a natural/traditional point of view and modern/western medicine.  But perhaps more than anything her calm, positive and loving presence was wonderful to have in our home during this precious time of bonding and transition."  –Sarah G

"Hands down the best decision we made when planning for the arrival of our baby was to enlist Lila's services. She helped us transition into parenthood for the first eight weeks we had our daughter home, and it was so wonderful to have expert advice and insights and an extra set of hands! She was able to help with everything from working on improved breastfeeding positions to giving our little one her first bath, how to prevent diaper rash, techniques for soothing the baby, tips on useful products to purchase, dealing with reflux and much more. She also instinctively knew when what we needed was an extra set of hands to hold the baby, do some light housework or prep some food so that I could get a chance to take a shower or rest, or my husband and I could have some quiet time together. She is also just a delight to spend time with - particularly after my husband went back to work and I needed some adult conversation while she helped with the baby. I highly recommend her to help any new parent in that early period home with the baby."  - Alana  + Justin

Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate
Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate

"Lila was an amazing resource after our second child was born. I only wish we’d had her for our first as well! Lila brought such a calm to our home, was so thoughtful and helpful, and genuinely adored our baby and cared and held him with such love. My best days were days when Lila was with us. She’s simply the best." - M.R. Norton

"Looking for one of the best doulas out there? Look no further, Lila is just that. My husband and I had been searching for the right postpartum doula when we were referred to Lila by a friend. Even before the delivery, Lila did everything needed to make us feel as comfortable and prepared as you can be for a newborn. She came to our home to make sure we were on schedule for setting up the nursery, which key items to have, and went over expectations and questions about the delivery and right after. In those first crucial days after my c-section she showed her care and dedication by communicating with me often to see how I was feeling, adjusting, and if I needed anything. Once we were home from the hospital, Lila went right to work making sure my self, Lucia, and my husband were well taken care of and fed.  She is also very sensitive to what it is like to be a new mother, and is a great shoulder to cry on-- full of stories, advice, and laughs-- during those scary new mom moments which would have felt impossible without her. As a first time mom I felt clueless and completely overwhelmed but Lila's calm, comforting, and knowledgeable nature saved the day again and again. I highly recommend Lila as a doula for your child and family!"  –Elanita + Lucas

Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate
Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate

"Lila is amazing! She helped me and my newborn out for a couple of weeks this fall. She is extremely knowledgeable- she taught me many new things, tips and tricks for caring for a new born and she also helped me learn a few new breastfeeding positions. She prepared delicious food for me while she was here- and gave me lots of ideas of simple meals I can throw together myself now. She was SO sweet with my daughter and she was an amazing support and friend to me while I navigated the ups and downs of the first few weeks postpartum. Her energy was so positive and nurturing and easy going. We loved having her around and getting to know her. I highly highly highly recommend her!"  - Katie R.

"Lila has been a caring, thoughtful and supportive element in my life as a mom. Having a 2nd C-section 6 years after my 1st child, Lila provided me with valuable insights from her own experiences, her patience and reassurance. As I adjusted to my life as a full time educator and nursing mom, Lila supported my transition back to work through her ongoing communication and offering her helping hands and advice. She was the first person I felt comfortable with besides my mom and husband to care for my baby when I went back to work. As a recent transplant to San Francisco as well, I was without a close friend nearby to listen to my struggles with hormonal shifts and everything else that comes with being a working mom and I am grateful that Lila was there for me, kind, resourceful and helpful in connection making." –Ann + Sebastian

Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate
Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate

"Lila is a fantastic postpartum doula. She worked with us three days a week from the time when my daughter was 8 weeks old until I went back to work.  She truly loves babies and caring for moms.  I immediately felt comfortable around her. She is calm, patient and confident - all the things I was not when we finally realized we needed some help. She taught me many things about baby care and self care, including soothing tricks, bath time basics, etc.  I wish that I had found her earlier. I know Lila would have made breastfeeding and all the challenges of the early weeks more surmountable. While Lila was taking care of my daughter and me, I was able to get things done and go out and take some time for myself. She made me feel proud that I was doing some of the things I needed to do and made good recommendations for things I could do with the baby. She was also a great conversationalist when I needed some adult interaction. Lila has stayed in touch with us, which shows how much she cares. When you work with her, you get so much more than you were expecting! We highly recommend her!"  – Jessica M

"We were very fortunate to have Lila help us during the first 8 weeks of being with our baby. Lila was amazing with our baby boy, you could tell that he felt safe and loved in her arms. Her support was invaluable to us since we did not have any family close by. She was always encouraging us, offering advice but the most important was being there as a friendly voice to my wife and myself. She worked to make us feel less overwhelmed - either by helping with simple chores, holding the baby so we can nap, she even encouraged us to go out on a "day date" while she was with the baby. We had issues with the baby's weight gain which was very stressful and she was there to comfort us and make us feel confident in our parenting role. We cannot recommend Lila enough if you are looking for a sweet, loving and knowledgeable person to help navigate the "fourth trimester".  -Alkiviadis Z

"Lila is amazing, and her support during the weeks after our son’s birth was wonderful.  Having a C-section and a 3 year old toddler made the postpartum period with my second child more challenging than it was with my first.  Lila is sweet, super helpful, supportive, and reliable, and offered guidance when it was needed.  She also cooks delicious and healthy comfort food and yummy lactation cookies that I devoured during those first few weeks of breastfeeding which left me ravenous.  I was so very grateful for her help with new baby difficulties and entertaining our toddler, which gave me much needed time for rest. I highly recommend Lila to anyone expecting their first or second baby."  —Kiersten + David

Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate
Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate

"Lila was with our son for three months and was absolutely amazing with him. We could tell from the first time we met her that she was the perfect fit for us. She has such a gentle and loving touch and always knew how to soothe our son and helped us navigate the unknown as first time parents. She has so much experience and is incredible with babies. That really kept us at ease and she was always encouraging and helpful with our endless questions. She truly exceeded our expectations and we really wish she could stay with us longer. No one else we've met is as good with our son as she is and we really mean that. If we ever have another baby we will rehire her as soon as we get a positive pregnancy test!"  –J.

"Lila Aguilar is a fantastic postpartum doula.  My husband and I don't have much family in the area, and we knew we would need some support during the first weeks of our baby's life. Lila was right there to help us build our confidence, support us, and prepare us for parenting. Lila cares about her families. I was nearly two weeks overdue.  During the long wait (which truly felt like an eternity), Lila texted to check in and provide encouragement.  It was helpful and put me at ease. When we first brought our baby home, we went through what I now realize is a very common first night freak out. Being solo with a crying baby in your charge for the first time is overwhelming, but Lila was available when we messaged her, allayed our big worries, and offered a few tricks that helped calm down the little one (and us). 

Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate

Lila helped out tremendously.  My tears and tiredness were acknowledged and I was reassured especially when my husband went back to work and was not as available during the day.  She is a fantastic cook and made sure I was eating nutritious foods to keep me going during marathon nursing sessions/cluster feeds.  Lila helped out with quick runs to the grocery store, taking out some of the trash, cleaning dishes and pumping parts, and more.  She was also able to give me feedback on nursing.  She checked the latch and had some ideas on how to improve my breastfeeding experience.  I also was so grateful for her helping me file my baby's fingernails as I found the process very intimidating. Lila also showed us some ways to meaningfully engage with our baby like mirroring and helping her when she seemed gassy.  She is very knowledgeable!    Lastly, I appreciate that Lila made sure my husband and I had some time together.  She stayed with our baby one evening so we could go out to dinner.  It was a wonderful way for us to recharge our batteries and have uninterrupted time to talk and connect.    Lila set us on a very positive path to parenting and I cannot recommend her enough!" - Jordan & Jamie P.

"I was gifted a few hours of Lila's time and it was the best gift I've received! As first time parents we were nervous about everything, from holding our child to bathing him and Lila helped us get comfortable and supported us throughout the process. Lila gave our son his first bath and cut his nails because we were too scared to do it! I think her knowledge and guidance is very important especially for new parents and I would highly recommend her services. Lila was always available via text or phone call if we had any questions and still is available if I need to ask her anything baby related! I would highly recommend Lila for all parents, especially first time parents and if you're considering a baby shower gift, postpartum doula hours makes such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!" - Lotika G.

Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate

"Lila worked with us part time for many weeks when our daughter was born this last May 2017 - and if we were able - we'd have her with us 24/7 until our daughter heads to college!  There are MANY reasons why we loved her but here are 3 reasons to start:


1. She has a WONDERFUL demeanor & a calming presence which was so important through the state my husband and I we were in right after delivery. She was reassuring, calm & confident.  She guided us though anything we asked and answered every question with kindness and a smile.

2. We were instantly comfortable with her & had zero hesitation handing over our daughter to her at 2 weeks old.  She helped us with a nasty diaper rash, gave us

tips/tricks for anything we asked for help with and even did the first round of nail trimming, guiding us through the process.  She had LOADS of tips on what supplies were valuable for the moment which, as a new mom, was SO appreciated.  She helped us think through things we didn't realize we needed to be thoughtful about right after the birth of a child.
3. Lila knows how and where to help and jumps right in!  She helped us organize the mess of our baby dresser, reorganized the changing table to make it easier for us to manage and even reorganized MY nightstand to make 3am feedings/changes as smooth as possible.  She brought me snack plates and lunches at just the right time and stocked my nightstand with non-perishable snack supplies from the kitchen for my midnight munchies while breastfeeding. She encouraged me to take naps while she took care of my baby - because I needed sleep. She is a TRUE caregiver who I cannot recommend enough.  Many many thanks Lila for your amazing support and love through such a fragile time."  – Megan

"Lila was so helpful in bringing home our son and getting settled. Our house was more than a bit chaotic and she was calm, flexible, understanding, and caring. She took care of me, my husband, and of course our newborn who arrived a few weeks early, all while navigating our friends, family, and covid. We'd wholeheartedly recommend Lila to anyone who needs an experienced set of helping hands around the house as you navigate having a little one in your world!" - Meg & Paul H.

Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula & Perinatal Mental Wellness Advocate
Lila Aguilar, Doula

"In our search for a postpartum Doula, we interviewed several and it became clear that Lila was going to be the right fit for us. As we discussed how she could help us postpartum, she mentioned she wanted to get into supporting birth and labor as a Doula. While we hadn’t planned to have a birth and labor Doula, the value of Lila’s expertise became clear through the questions she asked about what kind of birth experience we wanted to have (first child, so we were totally new to everything). 

Fast forward to two months postpartum and we are SO glad that we decided to engage Lila for both birth and postpartum support.

In the months leading up to our due date, she helped us develop a birth plan, and documented it with the utmost care to ensure that things went smoothly at the hospital. Even just the process of thinking through the details helped us prepare mentally for how labor and birth would unfold.

There were A LOT of choices to make that would just have been decided for us (or where we’d have to make a rushed decision in the moment) had we not been thoughtful about our preferences ahead of time. 

The day I went into labor. Lila was in touch with us constantly, and knew exactly the moment when she needed to come and help escort us to the hospital. For both of us (the birthing parent and partner) having her calm and confident support made the entire process stress free, despite that we were diverted to a different hospital at the very last minute. Checking into the hospital while in active labor meant I was NOT in a state of mind to answer the nurses’ and doctors’ questions. Lila made sure they had the right information, and were respecting our choices at every step. 
Post partum, Lila’s support evolved in the 8 weeks that we had her with us. From breastfeeding training early on (critical to our sanity and mental health, not to mention the health of our baby!) to making sure we, parents, were fed/ got naps, to teaching us safe infant bathing techniques, Lila imparted her wisdom and supported our needs with her practical and kind demeanor. 
To top it all off, Lila was so sweet with our baby, holding him and talking to him with a deep sense of care. She set a great example for us, and she now feels like an aunt to our son. We are so thankful to have had her with us during this special moment in our lives. 

If you are debating about whether getting a doula is worth it, two additional things we’d say: 

1–We took a couple of classes through UCSF, but having someone with whom we could talk through our questions, and who could see first-hand and propose the kind of help we needed in the early days and weeks made our first-time-parents experience joyful. The info from the classes just doesn’t all stick or come back to you in the moment you need it. 

2–we skipped the baby registry in favor of buying things second hand. Instead we set up a “doula fund” and accepted help/ gifts from our friends and family via contributions to our fund. We’re so glad we took this approach. " - Christiana and Nicolas

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