LILA AGUILAR, Postpartum Doula

Supporting Families After Birth


Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula, Baby soothing, Support, Infant Care
Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding, Nursing, Support, Challenges, Feeding, Infant, Newborn, Latch
Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula, Infant, newborn care, soothing techniques, swaddle, rest, sleep,
Lila Aguilar, Postpartum Doula, newborn baby, care, infant care, new mom care, support, breastfeeding, sleep, rest, soothing techniques, help


The focus of the Postpartum Doula is to  support and guide you through your family's transition with a newborn.


When your new baby enters this world, I'm here to support you in many ways. We will make space to honor your incredible pregnancy, birth story, and beyond.  Because every family's challenges can be so different, I am here for your individualized needs without judgement. 

A wide variety of support options are available;  We will work together to figure out where you need the most support and go from there. 


Support Offerings:


  • Strategies for a smooth transition from birth to bringing your newborn home

  • Newborn care education 

  • Postpartum mother care 

  • Breastfeeding support 

  • Emotional care and referrals 

  • Awareness around variations of "normal" in mother, baby, or other family members 

  • Best practices for optimal rest or support while you rest (!)

  • Light Meal and Snack Preparation

  • Household support (dishes, light tidying, light laundry)

  • Resource connections 



Typical Postpartum Visits:

  • Two or three home visits per week, three or four hour shifts. 

  • Unlimited e-mail support.

  • Unlimited phone support.​


*Contracts available in lengths of two weeks and up to three months postpartum.

*Contingent upon availability, contracts may be extended at any time, up to three months postpartum. 

*Travel fees apply for families living outside of San Francisco.